Innovation Programs to Enable Entrepreneurs and Empower First Responders.

ResponderXLabs partners with Corporations, Associations and Federal Agency sponsors to provide enablement resources to entrepreneurs and public safety agencies built to streamline the deployment of cutting-edge first responder technology.

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Public Safety’s Leading Venture Capital Investor.

Responder Ventures provides early stage capital to support innovative technologies with life saving and operational enhancing application for first responders and the broader public safety market.

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EXPERIENCE the future of Public safety technology™  – A regional event series.

A first-of-its-kind showcase of the next generation of technology for 911, Police, Fire, and EMS. Technology that can make our first responders more effective and our communities safer. Solutions that can save lives and agency resources. Interactive demonstrations of the technology of the future, that’s ready for your agency now.

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” As an active deputy, I see first hand the technology deficiencies first responders overcome on a daily basis. As an active investor in the space, I see first hand the inefficiencies in the innovation cycle that keeps that needed technology out of the field. At Responder we’re passionate about solving this problem. It’s putting our first responders in harm’s way, and it’s leaving our communities vulnerable.”

— Nathanial Wish, Co-Founder & CEO, Responder Corp


” Working directly with entrepreneurs and active first responders, we see first hand the inefficiencies throughout the product development life cycle that prevent wide scale deployment of innovative solutions. At Responder, we’re committed to bringing leaders together to build a practical and self-sustaining network that’s supporting solutions first responders not only need, but will actually use.”

— Bryce Stirton, Co-Founder & President, Responder Corp

Partner in our Mission:

Enable technology. Showcase solutions.
Empower First Responders.

Be a leader in the innovation movement that is driving public safety forward.

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